Job Search TV – Episode 5 – How To Prepare For Any Interview

In this episode, I teach you the exact formula I have used with every candidate on how to prepare for any interview.

I wanted to go really deep and practical for you and to teach you how that you can use every time you face an interview situation.

I am always stunned at how few job seekers do their homework leading up to an interview if I am completely honest. Lots of people tend to overlook the interview prep because they might have multiple interviews happening within a short space of time. This is not a good enough excuse in my book!

This is how to prepare for any interview:

Know everything about the company

Interviewers LOVE candidates who know about their company! Click To Tweet It makes them feel important and puts their mind at ease that the interviewee has really taken the time to do the necessary research.

Know everything about the role

Interviewers also look for candidates who truly understand the role they are applying for, so reading up on the essential skills and delving deep into the job description (if you have one) is also a great idea.

Sell yourself

One thing that so many candidates tend to forget (or simply don’t do a good enough job of ) is to sell themselves against each of the requirements of the role. This can be done by preparing some examples in advance of the interview of how you meet the criteria, or where you have had the specific experience they are looking for.

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Ask some killer questions

And lastly, make sure you go into the interview with some really well thought out and intelligent questions for the interviewers.

This can really set you apart from every other candidate they meet and leaving a very positive, lasting impression on them. You can do a good job in the final part of the interview by asking some insightful questions. This will get the interviewers talking about you in a positive way and that can only be a good thing!

Check out Episode 5 of my weekly vlog series, Job Search TV below, where I teach you each of the 4 steps you need to take on how to prepare for any interview:

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