Job Search TV – Episode 3 – How To Approach Recruiters

Knowing how to approach Recruiters is extremely important if you want to kick off the relationship on the right foot (and if you want to avoid wasting time).

I am a Recruiter, which means if anyone knows how to approach a Recruiter and get the best out of them, I do!

Something that happens to me nearly every single day is I get a call from someone at my desk asking me about an area of the market that I don’t specialise in. This can be frustrating for the Recruiter because they are extremely busy people. They work in a sales environment that is heavily KPI driven and as such they are constantly working under pressure trying to hit their sales quota / targets.

This means that a Recruiter will often have multiple (sometimes more than 10) active roles open at any one time. They have to manage the response that comes in from each advert, as well as actively hunt down the best passive candidates in the market. The last thing they want is for someone to call them up out of blue, or worse still, turn up to the office unannounced!

Recruiters do not have the time to pander to lazy job seekers #JobSearchTV Click To TweetI say lazy because that is exactly what it amounts to, laziness. Any Recruiter worth their salt will have a profile on LinkedIn so before you pick up the phone or turn up at a Recruiter’s office you should first compile a list of the best Recruiters in your location who specialise in your niche.

Then, you should be reaching out to them in an email or via LinkedIn to introduce yourself.

Taking the time to identify the right person to approach, then introducing yourself properly in an email first will most definitely be the best way to approach any Recruiter.

That’s what Episode 3 of Job Search TV is about!…

If you are having problems identifying or reaching out to the right Recruiters, leave me a comment.