Future Of Tech Jobs – General Assembly Event

Thanks to everyone who came along to┬áthe ‘Tech Jobs Of The Future’ event at General Assembly here in Sydney on Thursday 4th June! It was great to speak to so many people who are genuinely in need of some help in the job market.

The audience was made up of a mixture of IT & Digital professional as well as those who are looking to transition into a career in IT.

As the only recruiter on the panel I fielded a lot of questions from the audience at the end, which was really enjoyable.

I also had a chance to network with the audience at the end of the panel discussion.

Events like this are so important because firstly it is FREE to attend, however, it is also a super relaxed atmosphere. Everyone is welcome and there is free beer which is always a thumbs up in my book! I will hopefully be getting more involved with GA later this year so there will be more to come…

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Tech Jobs Of The Future – General Assembly Event – 4th June 2015


Chris Morrow

Digital Recruiter | Vlogger at ChrisMorrow.Careers
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