Partnership with Careerealism

Today I have some BIG news that I am very excited about and I wanted to share with you…

I have been chosen as an ‘expert’ to write for J.T. O’Donnell’s website ‘Careerealism’!

Careerealism is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) career / job search advice websites in the world. J.T. is a very successful entrepreneur who built Careerealism into what it is today – a website that gets over 1 MILLION hits each and every month. That’s quite an accomplishment!

J.T. is also a LinkedIn Influencer which means that she has been invited by LinkedIn to publish for them. As such, she is one of around 500 or so Influencers around the world. Each Influencer is considered to be a leader in their industry.

I will be joining a team of 12 or so experts to write articles regularly for Careerealism.

The articles I will be writing will be exclusively for J.T.’s website, so I won’t be able to duplicate those articles here on my blog unfortunately.

That said, there will be lots of topics that I will be able to discuss in videos, which I plan to post here so keep an eye out for those!

To check out Careerealism, and to read my articles on the website, click here.


Chris Morrow

Digital Recruiter | Vlogger at ChrisMorrow.Careers
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